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Rob Bacon
Award Winning Designer
Fashion Jewelry~Accessories~Garments


Photo Shoot: Rob Bacon Clothing Collection

Saturday, June 16, 2018 was a pivotal moment in the Rob Bacon brand.  

This date marks the first photo shoot for the Rob Bacon Clothing Collection.  

The photo shoot included seven looks designed and sewn by Rob along with his bags and fashion jewelry.

The collection includes lots of textures and colors, a mixture of prints, and hand-painted leather. 

Rob describes his first collection as "edgy high-fashion with a hint of the avant garde".  

The photo shoot was a contrast of feminine looks in an industrial environment.  


Special thanks to everyone who partnered with Rob in his first clothing collection photo shoot.

Creative Director: John with Victor & Ash

International Runway & Editorial Model: Olivia 

Photographer: Marcoz Morales

Photography Assistant: Miranda

Set Assistant: Timothy

Set Assistant: Hannah